We turn ideas into reality by putting the pieces together

We provide IT solutions and services — customized for your business — from back-end application to front-end/ client-side user-interface for desktop, web/cloud-based, mobile or IoT (internet-of-things) devices.

We build IT applications using Visual Studio.NET — VB, C#, ASP.NET — or PHP and applying the modern standards in HTML, CSS and JavaScript such as Bootstrap, jQuery and Angular or React for web/cloud-based — Java, Ionic or Xamarin for Android and iOS application.

Explore our portfolio of software applications — from desktop/ windows-based or web/ cloud to mobile computing.

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A-Square Digital Core is a provider of Desktop, Web/ Cloud, Mobile/ Internet-of-Things (IoT) Solutions, Application Software Development and IT services to business, government, education and healthcare clients. We turn ideas into reality by putting the pieces together.

Back in 1989, during the MS-DOS (Microsoft Disk Operating System) days, our founder got enticed by personal computer and began programming using xBase (dBase III+, Clipper and FoxBASE+ later renamed FoxPro) language. While finishing his degree in financial accounting, he learned the ways through xBase programming to Visual FoxPro when acquired by Microsoft in 1992. Since then, with a team of four, they began developing mission-critical DOS-based application with database (DBF) files to Windows-based using Microsoft Visual Foxpro until the advent of Visual Studio and .NET.

Along with the trend, the team also started developing application for handheld devices such as Palm Pilot and Symbol PDT (Portable Data Terminal) until the arrival of pocket PCs and mobile phones.

At the moment, A-Square Digital Core has fully embraced web/ cloud and mobile computing – building applications using ASP.Net/Core or PHP and applying the modern standards in HTML, CSS and JavaScript such as Bootstrap, jQuery and Angular or React — Java, Ionic or Xamarin for Android and iOS application.

Our Services

Desktop or Web Application

We use Microsoft Visual Studio .NET – Visual Basic or C# – in the development of Desktop/ Web-based application including middleware for OPOS hardware (LCD display, cash drawer and receipt printer), page/ image and barcode scanners, biometrics, GSM modem, PABX, digital weighing scale, etc. We also convert legacy application – DOS or written in MS Access or Visual Foxpro to full .NET application following the standards of WinForms or preferably, WPF, as well as the conversion/ migration of database to MS SQL Server or MySQL.

Mobile & Internet-of-Things

We use the device’s SDK (Software Development Kit), Java and/or Xamarin developer’s studio to create native application for mobile phones running Android, iOS or Windows Mobile as well as Internet-of-Things (IoT) microcontroller circuit boards powered by Arduino or Raspberry Pi.
We also customize application like mobile collection or ticketing system paired with mobile printers connected either thru USB or wireless such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

Legacy & Up-to-Date

We use the latest tools and/or framework to assess, design and create a road map, from knowledge and resource planning, on-site and online collaboration and consulting, to delivery, migration and implementation.
We also help in the seamless conversion of legacy application to latest platform or upgrading to a newer version. We also convert data files from one format to another by thorough studying the workings of both source and target formats, applying common ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) standards.

Fast & Light — Made with Love

IT expectations — from prototyping to integration and/or migration — have rapidly evolved, which requires robust and complex infrastructure that functions in real-time. A-Square Digital Core has the resources and skills to help your business achieve the technology faster to increase efficiency and maximize your return on investment. You have to make your websites with love these days!

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Explore our portfolio of software applications – from desktop/ windows-based and web/ cloud to mobile computing.

Mobile e-Collection System (MeCS)

MeCS is a mobile-based application to cash receipts or collections. It is well-suited for micro-financing companies that provides loans to market vendors, and small-scale business enterprises that handles collections on a daily or weekly basis, which is paired with a wireless/bluetooth portable printer for printing receipts.
It runs on Android, iOS or Windows Mobile devices - phones and tablet PCs.

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Mobile Product e-Catalog (MPeC)

MPeC is a mobile-based application for product or inventory management - a library or catalog that showcases products. It has unlimited product lines or categories, classification and/or sub-classification - can be filtered with keywords or SKU number.
It runs on Android, iOS or Windows Mobile devices - phones and tablet PCs.

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Mobile e-Appointment System (MeAS)

MeAS is a mobile-based application to manage appointments or schedules - designed for car services and rentals, hotels, hospitals or medical clinics, it handles multi-location, and monitors available date and time slots using customized schedules, linked with the phone or tablet calendar to set and trigger reminders or push-notifications.
It runs on Android, iOS or Windows Mobile devices - phones and tablet PCs.

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Mobile e-Mustering System (MeMS)

MeMS is a mobile-based application used to track personnel presence and monitors mustering progress and statistics. Linked to an access control system that enables routine security controls, it can be used online — using wireless connection — or offline, where the device retains the last available data from the server, which is very important in the event of an emergency, provides site managers with a tool to efficiently account for personnel.

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Human Resources Management System (HRMS)

HRMS is a web-based application for personnel management - recruitment, deployment and retirement. It provides features for monitoring of candidates, selection and recruitment progress or status and vacancies based on organization chart or plantilla positions.

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Loans Management System (LMS)

LMS is a web-based application for management of loans - releases and collections. It has features to manage clients by groups or areas and generates loan collection sheets per client or group.
LMS is currently deployed to several micro-financing companies, including cooperatives that provides loan services to their members.

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Cash Management System (CMS)

CMS is a web-based application for management of cash - receipts and disbursements - to track receipts and/or expenditures by business units and account classifications that can be linked to the backend General Ledger (GL) System. It provides Cash Counts by Cashier or Terminal and Cash Payments by Fund or Bank and has a built-in Check printing.

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Budget Management System (BMS)

BMS is a web-based application developed using a mix of Bootstrap and AngularJS with ASP.net. It is designed to manage expenditure by capturing the details of each disbursement by Business Units or Responsibility Centers and corresponding Expense or Asset Account Code. It is can be integrated with forms printing and backend Accounting System.

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Document Management System (DMS)

DMS is a system designed to automate the most difficult tasks associated with document filing, document delivery, searching and finding relevant content. DMS lets you effectively and efficiently create, capture, secure, share, distribute and manage digital documents, either in the cloud, or on your internal server, freeing up valuable office space previously used to store paper documents.

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Online Reservation System (ORS)

ORS is a web-based reservation and scheduling system for facilities and/or services. It provides calendar-views to better manage reservations or appointments and enables SMS sending notification to clients or customers. Currently, ORS is being used by schools & universities to manage facilities reservations, and by medical and dental doctors to manage appointments as well as hotels and similar businesses.

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Inventory Control (IC) and Point-of-Sale (POS) System

IC is an integrated multi-location inventory management system that automatically tracks inventory balances, serial number and lots, and product-line information and processes inventory receipts and shipments. POS handles the front-end cashiering/ sales system fully integrated with back-end IC and accounting for inventory tracking and sales reporting.

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General Ledger (GL), Accounts Receivable (AR) and Accounts Payable (AP) System

GL provides a complete general ledger and financial reporting capabilities, from individual journal entries to balance sheets and income statements. AR provides a complete billing and collection system with extensive sales and receipts analysis reports. AP lets you track expenditures, obligations and payments thru cash, check or on-line banking facility.

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